File Encryption XP 1.7 –Use It Alongside The Blowfish Algorithm To Encrypt Your Files

File Encryption XP

Initially, users were unable to encrypt selected files. But by using this software, it allows users to do encryption with the help of the blowfish algorithm. File Encryption XP 1.7 enables users who have the correct file password to create EXE files to decrypt on their own. This makes it possible to decrypt without necessarily having to download a software, since the selected files that users want to encrypt is not usually found in the container. So getting access of it is not easy.

Deletion of folders or files that users have no intention of ever recovering is made possible by this File Encryption XP 1.7 software through its able wiping option for files, which is considered safe.

You are also able to use passwords to protect your various files, for example images, videos, or even documents. You could take advantage of its .fex format and its ability to be used on a removable device to encrypt your files wherever you are, by using devices such as a memory card or flash disk which is used by connecting through a removable device with a computer.

This File Encryption XP 1.7 software enables users to locate files easily and conveniently by using the layout which is based on Explorer, by encrypting specific files on the destination of the output and most importantly by using specific password.

System resource is highly minimized with the use of File Encryption XP 1.7 because of its ability to encrypt files quickly, while at the same time it does support keyboard shortcuts and has minimal errors or problems such as crashing or freezing.

Protecting the privacy of user’s information is the main function of File Encryption XP 1.7, by giving users the ability to keep selected files private by encrypting these files and wiping source files. When the encryption is finished and file is created, the ability to extract and generate strong passwords does ensure maximum safety and privacy of their files.

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