WinScan2PDF – Save Your Documents Directly In PDF Format


The WinScan2PDF is a small program that allows scanning of documents and then save the documents on the computer in PDF format by using any of the installed scanner. It has various features such as smaller in size, portability, multilinguality, supports pdf format, low CPU usage, change in the quality of the scanned pdf and optional feature for translation. The simplicity of the software makes it very much in demand and used by various corporates. Due to its demand newer versions are being introduced and made available in market and it has led to greater sale too.

The latest version does have smaller added corrections that is used for HP, Kyocer and other well known scanners that supports them. It is considered to be an ideal tool for scanning and recommended by various specialists for getting the work done. Scanning is done perfectly and makes work easier and quicker too. The complexity of the work is made easier with the use of this software as never before.

This software enables the user to do scanning of documents and save them on the PC in PDF format. It works great on any scanner and thus being of service to many users, especially the casual ones due to the fact that it only consumes limited system resources. In addition to the fact that it is very simple and straightforward to use, what all users need is a scanner that is connected to their PC and from there, users may choose to save the scanned documents on a hard disk, where they want it to be used.

The detailed feature of this software is its ability to form several page documents and give the user the choice to adjust the quality alongside the fact that it is very small and thus making it portable and flexible for users to use, whenever and wherever they want to.

This software also has very low CPU and has the ability to scan documents and directly save it as PDF, which is a very convenient feature for users. The fact is that it can support multiple pages and is multilingual, thus catering for users all over the world because it has the translation feature which is optional for users who experience language barrier while using this software to scan documents and you could save them on the PC in PDF format.

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