Exportizer 5.5.5 – Exporting Data To Your Heart’s Content


The Exportizer 5.5.5 is nothing but a free and simple database export tool. Basically, this allows one to export the available data into the files, printer, clipboard, etc. An interesting aspect is the Exportizer works quite well through the ADO and BDE. Plus it even can assist in converting the DBF, DB, CSV, text, CSV to text, RTF, HTML, XML, INSERT statements, etc.

In addition, the presences of various export options simply help in ensuring that there is a full and proper control over the required output. One can even see that there is the basic ability to specify the source-to-target mapping of the fields. The Export operations present in this tool would ensure that the given features would help in making the tool perform through the given program interface or through the command line which always has got a huge number of parameters.

Almost you can say that one can get the required and needed command line, from the GUI directly. Plus it is very much easy to copy all the necessary data to the given clipboard or get it printed. In addition, there are various utility functions which can be used for data bookmarking and manipulating. Another extensive feature is that you can easily open the tables from the given multi-table database files such as XLSX, XLS, XLSB, XLSM, MDB, HTML, ACCDB, IB, UDL, FDB, etc. and other kind of various multi-table databases like ODBC database and sources.

Basically, exporting the various data from all these files which are extensively located into a single folder may seem feasible. This is even with all the given tables present in the multi-table data apps and sources which at once help through the command line or interface. Another extensive feature is the ability to specify and provide the customized increment with regard to the functions of the Increment Field Value.

Not to forget, once can export the various data to the Excel Sheet (which is the XML-based) and the formats related to the database. Furthermore, you can use the extra command line options such as LogFile, Silent, CloseOnError, and the list goes on. Additionally, even the user can use the available export models like Empty+Insert, Append, etc.

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