Tag&Rename 3.9.1 – Handling All Popular Audios In A Single Instance


The Tag&Rename 3.9.1 is a simple and interactive music file run tag editor. It can easily take care of all the most popular digital and audio format sounds.  So, it means that irrespective of what kind of music compressor you are preferring, it is easy to keep the music collection more organized by using the Tag&Rename 3.9.1 tool.

Not only it is a terrific tag editor, but a good organizer who provides a great amount of native support for all kinds of music formats like mp3 which consist of ID3v1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.2 tags, etc. Even music formats like Windows Media WMA, WMV files, asf, Apple iTunes aac (m4a), etc are even converted. The Apple iTunes consist of m4a files which consist of lossless m4a, mp4, Ogg Vorbis, protected m4p files, Flac, Speex, Opus, MusePAck mp+/mpc, APEv2, ID3v1 tags, etc.

However, the most often lossless codecs consist of the Flac, Monkey’s Audio, Optim Frog, Wav Pack, Apple lossless, True Audio, Wav, DSF, AIFF, etc. Additionally, the Tag&Rename 3.9.1 consist of Unicode support (full version). Plus not to forget, the Tag&Rename 3.9.1 provides extensive support to various additional tag contents which consist of cover art, lyrics, mood, ratings, disc #, album artist, aspects of the compilation, etc.  You could include the classical music extravagance like Conductor, Composer, and even those files which are related to the URL.

There is no doubt that with the Tag&Rename 3.9.1 you can batch and manually tag the id3 tag editor. Furthermore, you can automatically complete and fix the file tags which can be done by using the FreeDB databases. The automatic loading of titles is quite possible and it is even applicable with the cover art of Discogs and Amazon.

One can even automatically load the titles of the album from the server and website- tracktype.org. Plus it is quite using to get the data of the tags from the file names of the mp3 and even for the folder structures. Not to forget, there is another feature where you can simply rename the mp3 files and the various music folders as per the music information which you have in your batch for creating the required playlist.

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