Kaspersky RakhniDecryptor – Decrypting Files in Easy Manner

Kaspersky RakhniDecryptor

The Kaspersky RakhniDecryptor is a portable and lightweight type of software which is designed extremely to decrypt the files which are encrypted to the Trojan-Ranson.Win32.Rakhni. Also it has got a tiny and various intuitive type of options which is so simple and easily altered by various users irrespective of what the previous experience has been with regard to the removal of the applications or not.

Another aspect is the portability perks. As installation is not present in this tool, one can simply drop the various executable files on to the hard disk (i.e. at any part of the hard disk) and within seconds it would get launched. In addition, there is another possibility of ensuring that the RakhniDecryptor can be saved to the USB disk drive or the flash drive or any kind of storage units which would easily run on the PC with fewer efforts. Plus it would be run without having any kind of previous installation.

Frankly, one of the most important aspect which can be worth taking into account has to be the registry of Windows. The Windows registry and the presences of Start menu would not get simply updated with the presences of the newest entries. Additionally, no amount of extra files or data would be created especially on the hard disk and this would be then cleaned once it has been removed.

The Kaspersky RakhniDecryptor is a straight-forward tool which has got the best GUI. Here the GUI is mostly represented with the help of a small window. This is nothing but a simple and plain structure which would immediately start the scanning as soon as the button is clicked. As soon as the tool is used, by default, it would check out the entire hard drives and even the removable drives too.

Plus users can easily handpick the location which they want to scan and this includes the network drives and even the apps for deleting the basic encrypted files as soon as the decryption is over. Even the settings can be easily restored to the default premises. Sometimes while scanning, it is quite necessary to pin point the path from one of the major files which are encrypted.

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