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The Hamachi or the LogMeIn Hamachi is nothing but a simple hosted VPN service. It helps in extending the given LAN type of networks in the secure manner to various mobile employees, team members, gaming friends, and people of the same mind. This tool is quite easy to use and within minutes, you can easily create and manage the various types of virtual kind of networks as and when you require. Similar to most of the remotely related devices, this tool helps in connecting the cameras, network printers, gaming consoles, and the list goes on. Even on demand devices and online ones make to the given network list of this tool.

The biggest advantage of using this tool is that it helps in connecting the system to the network anywhere and at any time. It is simple as all you have to do is run the Hamachi in the background of the various network run systems and you would be easily provided with the access for those which are not attended. With regard to subscription, this tool is available in Premium, Standard, Multi-network related subscriptions, etc.

Additionally, it also provides a great amount of access to the centralized and effective gateway. Like other network tool, this also provides remote users the unlimited and secure access to the various kinds of LAN and private networks which even includes the ones which have got resource in it and this even consist of the centralized Hamachi/LogMeIn Hamachi gateway too. Especially, this is done without doing any kind of modification related to network routers, firewall, etc. Not to forget, it provides a great amount of user specific access to most of the PC.

The Hamachi is so simple to use and you can just connect with most of the network clients. Plus it is very much simple and fast in creating a virtual related mesh of network which allows most of the remote machines to connect with each other. So, it kind of gives the available users the basic network related access to the present resources of the network as and when needed. Unlike other network tools, the Hamachi uses the same kind of encryption which is similar to the banks.

Download Hamachi

Download Hamachi for Mac OS X

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