NetBalancer – Internet Traffic Controller


It is a tool that is designed for various operating systems like Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7 and native support of x64.

The use of the tool is that it can be used to set global limits for traffic, define detail network rules for traffic, show the network traffic in a system tray, managing the limits and priorities for each adapter for network separately, uploading the priority for network or limiting it. You can browse or do any activity on the internet even when you need to download the manager or torrent client from downloading huge files from the internet.

NetBalancer does work as a standalone application that works on a single computer. You need to download it, set up the file and then install and use the sync off as long as you would need. The application does control every aspect of the traffic that flows into your home and office network. You could set advanced rules and filters, edit the priorities in the network that is used for running processes and other operations that run on your machine or in a group of machines that is based on tags.

Applications that have higher bandwidth will have more bandwidth traffic than the ones that have lower. The benefit of using this application is that NetBalancer does work with priorities so that applications that have lower priorities will not be limited if any other priority application do not use the network.

Once the installation is completed, NetBalancer does restart the web browsers that are in use. Once it is initiated, a list of processes gets displayed in the mainframe. The ID, password, upload rate, priority, download, upload limit, the number of connections, command line, the creation date for each process could be checked.

The bottom line of the application does contain traffic chart and a list  that has remote IP connections, protocols, ports, statuses, local IPs, process names and others. The use of the application is such that you could use it in a user-friendly environment as it does have features that are handy and easy to use.

The application is very light on the resources of the system and it runs on low CPU and RAM. There is good response time and it does work smoothly without causing any damage to OS or causing any crash of it.

Download NetBalancer

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