SSD-Z – Knowing More About Solid State Drive


The SSD-Z is an interactive tool which is similar to any of the information tool. This is used for Solid State Drives and even for various other kinds of disk devices. Basically, using such a database, you can get display various information related to the SSD like processing technique, controller, NAND type, and the list goes on. There is much important information such as related to the disk drive like partition layout and S.M.A.R.T status.

With regard to features, the first thing that one comes across is it displays the details of the controller and the various processing techniques related to the NAND chips. It helps in verifying the TRIM which gets enabled to the system and even the SSD.  The presences of the S.M.A.R.T status and the availability of the entire list of various devices attributes as one of the important features. Furthermore, it lists out all the partitions involved. This even consists of unmapped, hidden, boot partitions, etc. 

Another interesting advantage is the benchmark IOPS and speed transfer. Even you can take into account the access time which is nothing but the work in progress. Not to forget, the SSD-Z helps in viewing the raw devices which can identify the data words. However, there are certain major features present in the beta version of this tool. Like most of the tools, there are no individual details regarding the presences of each drive of the RAID array.

Even one can see that there is no SMART attributes related to the presences of certain types of external USB memory spaces. At times, you can see that the benchmark cannot be fully and easily implemented and there is the lack of the color coding of the device. Each of the items have color coding like green is used for SSD, pink is for removable devices, orange for HDD and various other similar items, teal for the drives which are optical, etc.

Of course, some may feel that it is not so much necessary to look up for information which are deeply connected and related to storage device, especially the ones which are regular on the system, which can often disclose significant data related to troubleshooting.

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