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Internet Download Manager

The Internet Download Manager is one of the awesome tools which helps to increase the download speed five times more than the normal one. It avoid all kinds of the hindrance in the schedule and resuming of the downloads. Resume capability and comprehensive recovery of the error would help in restarting the interrupted and broken downloads. This could happen because of the network problems, lost connections, unexpected outages in power, computer shutdowns, etc. The tool is one of the smart and interactive download logical accelerators. It features various aspects like safe multipart downloading tech and an intelligent dynamic segmentation of the files which can easily increase the download speed.

There is no doubt that the Internet Download Manager is a simple graphical interface. This makes the IDM quite easy to use and user-friendly. In addition, the Internet Download Manager has got one of the smartest accelerators in terms of download logic. This features safe multiple downloading and technology and various intelligent and dynamic file segmentations.

Also unlike the other download accelerators and managers, the Internet Download Manager helps in downloading the files in a dynamic manner especially while the download process is going on. It resumes or reuses the current connection without any additional connections and various kinds of login stages while providing the best and fast internet speed.

The Internet Download Manager helps in supporting various FTP, proxy servers, firewalls, HTTP protocols, cookies, redirects, MP3 audio, authorization, MPEG video content and processing. Also the Internet Download Manager seemingly integrates into the Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer, MSN Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firebird, MyIE2, Avant Browser, and various other kinds of popular browsers which can easily take care of the downloads.

In addition, using the Internet Download Manager, you can drop and drag files or the various command lines. Also the Internet Download Manager can help in dialing the modem at a given set time and even be able to download the files which you want and get them shut down or hang up when the computer when the work is done. There are other interactive features like zip preview, multilingual support, download categories, sounds on various events, scheduler pro, queue processor, HTTPS support, HTML help, tutorial, progressive downloading with various quotas, etc. Furthermore, the tool is compatible in Windows 8.1, 7 and Vista mode.

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  • Mark John

    I agree with blog author. It’s one of the most trusted download tool that is being used since long period of time. Should I go for it’s paid version or free version is as useful as paid one? Waiting for your decision with clarification. Thanks.

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