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The RealVNC is one of the interactive and easy tool available online. Basically, for the desktop to desktop connections, the RealVNC is compatible on Mac OS X, Windows, and another kind of Unix run OS. If you check out a RealVNC client, you can see that it runs on the highly advanced Java platform and is compatible on iPod touch, Apple iPhone, iPad and Google Android related devices. Being a Windows run client, the RealVNC has got the VNC Viewer Plus which is available online. The tool is one of the best and interactive remote controlling tool which allows one to interact and view the PC or server with the help of a simple program called viewer. This is done online using another system (computer).

The VNC Viewer Plus is designed in such a way that it helps to create an interface which is normally embedded on the server of the Intel AMT chipsets. This is found on the basic Intel vPro motherboards. Additionally, for remote access and viewing, from a single PC desktop to another PC, the RealVNC comes in about three major editions. The first one is Open Edition which is formerly called as Free Edition. This is a free registration and requires a single activation. This is an open-source version which is commonly distributed under the General Public License of the GNU. It means that the it runs on various types of flavors of Unix (i.e. Linux, HP-UX, Solaris, AIX) and other interactive versions of Windows which is available before Windows Vista (i.e. Windows 2000, Windows NT 4, Server 2003, XP). 

One thing users have to keep in mind that this version is not free. If a user wants the latest version of RealVNC for free, then they need to compile and patch the XFree86 source code all by themselves. This is because all the free binaries which are available for downloading become outdated and even they would simply fail to get operated in the current modern environment. Luckily, all the given Linux distributions are embedded and customized as well as updated in the free version of the RealVNC.

The RealVNC has got a personal edition. This is a commercial version of the RealVNC which is geared towards small business or home users, thereby providing encryption and authentication, chat, remote printing, file transfer, etc.

Download RealVNC

Download RealVNC for Mac and Linux

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