Dr.WEB CureIt!10.0–Interactive and Easy to Use Anti-Virus Tool

Dr.Web CureIt

The Dr.WEB CureIt! 10.0 is one of the best anti-virus scanner which is based on the Scanning Engine of Dr. Web. Basically, compared to other security tools, this is not a full anti-virus tool but is a commonly used scanning utility one. Also like some of the common anti-virus tools, there are certain amount of limitations in terms of performance and capabilities with regard to the Dr.WEB CureIt! 10.0. The tool has got various innovative features when compared to its competitors. It is able to overcome the limitations which other tools have in terms of performance capabilities and usage.

The Dr.WEB CureIt! 10.0 is the best anti-virus for the Windows and it has got no command line scanner, no resident monitor, no updating utilities, etc. So, this being said, the Dr.WEB CureIt! 10.0 is quite capable and got the required features for scanning the PC and even take the required actions for finding out if there are any threats.

There are various threats and malwares which are detected and neutralized by the Dr.WEB CureIt! 10.0. Some of them are Worms, Trojan, Viruses, Adware, Rootkits, Dialers, Riskware, Hacktools, Spyware, etc. One of the biggest advantage of the Dr.WEB CureIt! 10.0 is that it is one of the greatest solution when one cannot add or install the anti-virus suite because of the virus activity. Also one won’t be requiring any kind of installation and even for running the given tool in both 64-bit and 32 bit platforms, especially from the Microsoft Windows XP and even to the Microsoft Windows 8.1.

Additionally, the Dr.WEB CureIt! 10.0 is free to use, especially for any personal computer and laptop. But if the user plans to use if for commercial purpose, then a proper licensing is required to be taken. There is no doubt that the Dr.WEB CureIt!10.0 is one of the best and ideal solutions for the situations when one has to install a good and ever-lasting anti-virus which finds it easy to detect the activities of the virus and other malware.

Plus the Dr.WEB CureIt! 10.0 is the best scanner which can be used for detecting and disinfecting the PC. This has got a small amount of utility support and is compatible with the various versions of Windows from Windows XP to the 8.1. Here it includes both the 64 and even the 32 bit one too.

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