PristyTools 2.5.5 – How to Ease Your System Work

Pristy Tools
Pristy Tools

Pristy Tools

Taking care of the system power options, removing files to avoid recovering them, cleaning the memory, faster launch of the webpages and receiving/sending emails; all these high-profile task would require certain dedicated tool. The PristyTools 2.5.5 is the best software solution for these tasks and all this is available in a single package.

Having a colorful and quite simple interface, this tool depends on its prolific seven features which are properly organized in the major window. Three of the major features are the System Powerless, Web Assistant, and PC Detector. The first features provides the major possibility to do search with the help of various search engines, sending emails and opening webpages, etc. Also this has got another feature which is related to database for many general information that one might need and it even has the built-in section called News.

The PristyTools 2.5.5’s system powerless module is simply designed for assisting and scheduling the various tasks like shutting down or rebooting the system or computer. Even it has got the feature for ensuring the desktop is locked and even provides the ‘Egg Timer’. Most of the developers have tested this tool and found out it was quite useful. One of the best feature was the File Wipe-out feature. This helps in deleting the files which cannot be later on recovered. This basic function can be used for cleaning the disks and even erase the temporary files which are located in the Prefetch and Temp folders.

Moreover, there are other goodies related to PristyTools 2.5.5. The tweaking option of the Windows helps one to manually set up the cache of the CPU L2 and even perform various optimization related to the system. In addition, you can easily disable the hibernation option for saving various amount of space on the HDD, activate and update the boot defragmentation, turn the taskbar clock and even restart the Explorer shell.

No doubt, taking into account these aspects, the PristyTools 2.5.5 provides a great amount of feature and as it is quite easy to use, this tool is quite suited for any kind of user who just want to do certain basic maintenance related to PC and optimizing the tasks.

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