mp3Directcut 2.21 – Compressing the MP3 Files


The mp3Directcut 2.21 is one of the faster and the best audio recorder and editor. It has got various extensive features and functions which help in compressing the Mp3 files. This tool is quite easy to use and one can directly copy, cut, paste and make modifications to the volume without decompressing the files for audio edition.

The mp3Directcut 2.21 has got various prelisten functions which makes it one of the best MP3 compressing tools and quite easy to use. It has got the VU meter and the MP3 visualization meter. It is quite easy to navigate around using this tool and the user can perform various options like setting the volume, fading, and normalizing. Another important feature is the pause detection. Furthermore, one can do direct recording of the MP3 files and even the Lame and ACM encoding support.

Another interesting feature is the Layer 2 support. Even the tool provides the ID3v1.1 support and along with that the Cue Sheet support. Also it has got various additional features like volume modifications; non-destructive copy, cut, and paste; volume normalization and fading, etc. Even one can perform the MP3 recording using the Lame encoder and ACM. Another interesting feature is the faster visualization of the MPEG and easier navigation.

The layer even provides a good amount of support in terms of dvb audio and dvd. Not to forget, it even gives a processing of the batch and AAC support. It has got a pause detection feature and even provides a Cue Sheet support. The user can do auto cue which is dividing the track with the value of time. Furthermore, you can even track splitting the tag creation and the filename of the product.

Another interesting feature of the mp3Directcut 2.21 is it saves a lot of encoding time and assists in preserving the proper quality as none of the aspects would be again re-encoded. The presences of the built-in recorder would create MP3 with a fly using the audio input given by the user. Some of the other interesting features are that the mp3Directcut 2.21 helps in split saving the issues related to batch fixing and it takes optional timeline for the audios present in the graph.

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