ProgDVB 7.11.2 – How to view Digital TV and hear Radio Channels from Satellite


The ProgDVB 7.11.2 is an interactive tool which helps users to view the Digital Television and hear the channels of the radio directly through the satellite with the help of the hardware decoders and DVB cards. Also, the SAT-dish, and personalized computer such as x86-are used for running the ProgDVB 7.11.2 tool.

Both the versions of ProgDVB 7.11.2 i.e.6x and 5x needs the Microsoft Dot Net Framework version or higher than that. The basic professional cost of this tool is $30 and this even includes various additonal features like PIP, DVBS2, multi-audio and channel support and HDTV. This tool provides various amount of support for data sources related to radio and Internet TV. There are about 8000 channels which are present in this list.

Channels such as DVB-S2, DVB-S, DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-T2, ISDB-T, ATSC, IPTV, etc are available with this tool. Even Kartina TV, OTT Club, Rodina TV, Sovok TV and Shura TV are present in this tool and you can easily playback from the given file. Furthermore, there are other innovative features such as high definition TV which can support H.264/AVC. Also, the ProgDVB 7.11.2 provides picture-in-picture support and even independent and simultaneous playback or recording of various channels from a single or more devices.

In addition, the ProgDVB 7.11.2 provides preview of Mosaic fast channels and even support of major devices such as ISDB-T, DVB, ATSC devices such as CAM and DiSEqC interface support. The tool also supports all kind of digital TV and audio formats like ACC, AC3 and MPEG. It even has the time shifting functionality with the usage of the disk buffer or RAM of unlimited sizes. In addition, the tool has got ten bands equalizer and recording of the TV and radio channels.

The user can easily playback the various audio files from the disk related files present in the ProgDVB 7.11.2. Also, it has got EPG (Electronic Program Guide) from XmlTV or Digital TV. Frankly, besides these features, there are additional ones like optimization and fixing of the UI, improvements in the OTT or TV or other channel means, makes using this tool quite awesome.

Download ProgDVB (32 bit)

Download ProgDVB (64 bit)

Download ProgDVB Professional

Download ProgDVB Professional x64

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