Ares – Easy Sharing Of Information Online


The Ares is one of the best and lightweight tools which is designed for facilitating the procedure on how the user shares the information online. This is done by giving a comprehensive interface, faster downloading speed and the major improvement in the file availability. This simply allows one to transfer the data through a simple principle. The user can download various files unless and as long as they share their own files. Here virtually any type of content is acceptable.

The interesting feature of the Ares tool is that it has got an easy to handle interface and has a good search process. Here the quick installation process would end with the access of the GUI which can simply be characterized through a simple and easily accessible tool. (the basic appearance can be easily customized through built-in skins).

The first and important noticeable function of this tool is the Search feature. This can be filtered to see the video, audio, document, image, software, and other kind of files. Here there is an advanced search section which can help in entering the various criteria like Title, Category, Author, Resolution, Date, etc.

Another feature of this tool is that it helps in viewing the results and easily managing the downloads. Now the time which is allocated to each of the search is based on various aspects but the results are often delivered in the require time. Sometimes the user may feel that the tool does not work especially when the result are not displayed within few seconds of search. One thing that users need to think is that the online database is quite large.

Now when there are hundred of results available, the results provided by Ares and its reaction time would reduce considerably. It is important that before you make any selection, you have to stop the search. Removing the files from the given transfer page and storing it on the hard drive is not simply possible. And in case if you cancel the download, then the entire file would be deleted. In addition, the tool uses a built-in library and plays the item before they are entirely downloaded and chatting with others.

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