NetWorx Portable 5.4.2 – Monitoring the Status of the Internet Bandwidth

NetWorx Portable

The NetWorx Portable 5.4.2 is one of the easy to use and simple tools whose major function is to evaluate and monitor the status and condition of the Internet bandwidth. With this tool, you can easily find out any kind of network issues along with the given source. Furthermore, it can be used for making sure that the user does not increase the limit of the bandwidth which is regulated by the ISP provider.

Furthermore, with this tool, one can set up the visual and audio alerts on any kind of significant network related events. This software application has got various customized sounds and alerts which can easily warn the user on most of the critical events which demand specifies the attention like dubious activities, limited network connections, and finding out the behavior of hackers.

Another important aspect of NetWorx Portable tool is that it helps in finding out the network traffic and the export details. Once the Internet speed and usage is monitored, the NetWorx Portable 5.4.2 tool would help in creating the graphs and line chart which has all kinds of relevant statistics, thereby making it easy for any individual from the visual stand view point. This even includes the evaluations of various units of time like weeks, months, and even days.

Furthermore, this would help individuals to see the entire picture and find out whether the given situation is singular or recurrent. The required reports would be exported in various formats like RTF, XLS, TXT, HTML, CSV, etc. Another significant feature is that this tool provides a good and standard networking features which can be useful for everyday requirements.

In addition, the tool can provide you with a good Trace Routing tool to find out the given path which is taken by the packet through the Internet and that too by entering the IP address or host name. There are other functions which consist of Ping feature which gives out an echo to a particular PC on the given network. This is to determine if the network is running, along with the utility called Connection Monitor which would often ping the number of user-defined host and even evaluating the connection status.

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