Combofix – How to Remove Malware and Virus From Your System


The Combofix is one of the best and smart malware and spyware removal tool which is quite famous for its effectiveness and speed. This tool can perform in-dept scans and besides being short, it has got a complex cleaning process and even provides a detail report of the entire analysis done by it.

This tool is designed for system administrators, advanced users and high-knowledgable computer professionals and technicians. This is not suitable for beginners as sometimes it could cause a great amount of serious damage to the system, to a point where it could lead the system from becoming unbootable. In other words, this Combofix tool can bring about the best and the most safest results if it is kept in the right hands.

Even though this tool does a complex task and the user must handle it with utmost care, one thing is confirmed that this tool is not quite difficult to accommodate on the system. Furthermore, it builds up the backup of the various registry and even with regard to the system restore point, if in case any crash happens or not.

One thing the user must keep in mind while the cleaning or scanning process is the Combofix would delete files from three major locations which are the Temporary Internet Files, Recycle Bin and the Temp Folder. So, a wise move would be to take the backup of this kind of data even before you are running this tool. The scan process usually takes about ten minutes. That is only if the infection is small but this can at times extend to a larger time frame in case the system contains various severe threats.

The major advantage of using the Combofix is its main ability to check out the basic combination of the malware threats and spyware, which would ultimately make your computer clean and safe in the first run.

Most of the time, the infections would be cleaned automatically, but if the threats are not simply cleaned with the Combofix, then the advanced users can easily learn the log files which would hold details about the malware items and can sometimes attempt the manual removal using another utility. So, one can easily say that the Combofix is fit for advanced users.

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