Stylish – Customized CSS Code for Restyling Website


Normally, all websites would be going through various redesigns and development so that they can look fresh and have more vibrant colors, layouts, background and list goes on. Somewhat this is fine, which is good if you really want something brand new. But this is not so great, if the user was happier previously.

Stylish is one of the free and best browser extensions of the Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Here customized CSS code is used for changing colors, restyling websites, modifying the website, content-modifications, and even it involves making improvement in the feeling and look.  It is easy to get started and it even involves easy visiting of the target website and clicking the Stylish icon and choosing the ‘Find more styles of the website’.

With this tool, you can see the various list of the available themes, text description, thumbnail preview of each and it even consist of the details which includes number of downloads, uploading date, user ratings, and list goes on.

So, if you are in favor of something or like something, you need to click it and choose the Install option present in the Stylish tool. Once that is done, then click the OK option and the download is over. Furthermore, you can revisit the website and pages and you can see that there is a great amount of new look present in it.

Basically, Stylish is not all about revamping the websites (Individual websites). Also it supports the global style for modification and how the websites are shown and modifying colors and font replacement which makes it quite readable.  With this tool, you can browse and install various website-specific and many global themes which you like.

When certain users used this tool, they found the website conflicted at certain times and even it did not work at all. However, you can see, update, remover the various kind of individual themes which are later on available from the Stylish management console.

If you feel that some of the theme would be requiring small tweaks, then there is an Edit option which would easily allow you customize the tool through further edition and especially the underlying CSS code.

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