My Family Tree 5 – Sharing Events and Viewing Updated Facts

My Family Tree

The My Family Tree 5 is currently available online. This latest and major version of the free genealogy tool was released by Chronoplex Software. Compared to other tools, this tree building tool is quite simpler and with the presences of the new relationship view, it makes it quite easy for browsing and editing the various individual relationships from a single place.

With this tool, events like marriages can be easily shared and it can also be viewed and updated from the given Fact view. Even the presences of smarter merging would mean that one is able to reject as well as confirm the possible matches for the item. The tool has got multimedia view. This somewhat brings about a huge amount of improvement and easy management of attachments, photos, videos, etc. It also includes the major ability to tag items for facts, citation, sources, etc.

According to the new Kinship report, it shows everyone in the tree is quite closely related to the given or chosen individual. Furthermore, various charts are easily printed into a single PDF. Besides these innovative features, there are various tiny range of significant improvisations which are scattered around. These consist of the major ability for adding various kind of witness for events, whereas the latest and brand new map viewer would mean that bigger charts can be easily navigated.

Adding and putting all these features together, the My Family Tree 5 is one of the best packages of the Windows XP and the various new latest version. Furthermore, it is very much free for personal use. Sometimes certain users may not be happy with certain things, or they would feel that current Ancestry website is not proper, in that case, they can download this tool and find out what they are missing.

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