Hidden Capture – Recording Desktop Activities And Taking Screenshots

Hidden Capture

It is quite difficult to find out what other people are doing on the personal computer. At times, you might be spending a lot of time on checking out various histories related to your browsers, documents verified and opened, apps launched, but you are still having doubts over it.

Hidden Capture is one of the free tools which automatically takes the desktop screenshots at regular intervals. From the name of the tool, one can easily guess that the program is quite semi-stealthy, and runs effectively in the background without the usage of the system tray icon or any other kind of interface. So, what happens is that one cannot immediately spot what is going to occur with this tool.

Basically, this program is not quite visible in the Task Manager and the list of installed program list. One cannot expect this tool to be easily used and fooled for the technical users. However, there is no need to consider or think of the Hidden Capture as a surveillance tool. No doubt, this is quite configurable, meaning it would be quite useful to any person who wants to get the series of the screenshots.

Here the basic operation is very simple. All one has to do is launch the HC.EXE file as an administrator. Then the user needs to click the ‘Start Capture’ option and immediately the program would get displayed as a reminder in the hotkeys. So, you just need to click ‘OK’ and the recording would begin.

So, this action has to be carried out for sometime to check out the recording. Then after thirty seconds, one has to click the CTRL+* option for stopping the captures. What happens next is that a dialog box would appear and it would ask the name of the user, but in reality it is a sneaky request for password. There would be no password, and the user has to just click the Enter option and the recording would get automatically stopped and one can see  and review the images present in the Hidden Capture app folder.

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