Bvckup2 – Easy To Use And Hassle Free Backup Tool For All Users


To put in simple terms, most people can agree that backups are quite boring. That is the main reason on why this is overlooked and sometimes people stare at the abyss of the list of lost data. One of the major reasons on why most individuals really despise backups is the software or tool used are sometimes complicated and have got tons of over-ridden options which people never care about and use.

The tool Bvckup2 is designed for changing all the defects of the backup solution. It aims to make the entire procedure simple for usage, clean, fast and elegant. Designed by the Swiss company, Pipemetrics, the tool looks tiny and requires less than 2MB space for downloading or storing. However, size is the least concern as this tool has got various amount of sophisticated techniques.

Once the Bvckup2 is installed, it automatically finds out whether the user is having 64-bit or 32-bit system. Then it proceeds as per the given conditions. Slowly, the easy usage would go on immediately on the first run and also when the option that you add is of the new backup. Here, you need to click it and select the required destination as well as the source for saving. Here you can immediately stop and go back to the backup job.

Seriously, it is quite easy for switching back and one has got various options which the user might like.  Various search test were done and it was found to be fast and was able to save about 1.3 GB of files to the given external USB in a matter of two minutes. After the initial hiccup, it goes faster and can easily save various changes.

Additionally, the tool uses various write or read request which are parallel to the speed in terms of the transfer process. Plus it can run various intensive tasks on various core of CPU, however, the tool would scale back to the activities especially when the PC is in load.  So, this would mean that the user can leave the tool for running in the background even though the PC is running and performing other tasks.

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