Mft2Csv – Checking Hidden PC Activities


Most of the users would be thinking or wondering what other people are doing with their PC and mobile devices. Simply going through their application and browser history may provide some valuable clues and even one can check out their software. However, the simple means would be to create a file timeline. This is a procedure which would display the files that are modified as well as created for the PC.

Now this can be done in any basic form using the Windows Explorer. All the user has to do is use the given folder and choose some other various kind of key areas, then click the ‘Date Modified’ column and do the search function.

A simple browsing of the list can display the logs, temporary files and data, documents, and various other important clues on when and how the system was properly used. The program Mft2Csv works using the MFT (Master File Table), and in it the NTFS index is used for storing all kind of details related to the files such as size, location, name, dates, attributes, and list goes on and on.

There are many kind of options available with the Mft2Csv, and if you just want to scan the major system drive, then these can be easily ignored. All you have to do is launch it and you can make sure that the volume is displayed. Furthermore, the export and scan process would take a considerable amount of time and sometimes it can even range for hours or more. This is because there are various procedures to be followed.

Once that is finished, the entire CSV gets displayed and there would be each and every record of the entry present for the whole file and along with the whole and required NTFS information will be there.

Download Mft2Csv

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