Fedora 23 – Latest Linux Based Operating System

Fedora 23

One of the latest and free Linux based operating Systems is the Fedora 23. One thing that various users are not aware is that not all the Linux distributors are equal. Here the major focus lies on the maintainer. It depends on how they can vary widely and provide various amount of interesting experiences.

Right from its launch, the Fedora 23 has become one of the hot favorites among various OS users. It is the best operating system for the choice of Linus Torvalds and somewhat has reached a milestone. This OS comes with the latest Linux kernel 4.2 and if you are one of the fans of the open source and security, and even of the free-software and updated packages, this is the best Linux based OS for such individual.

This latest version or edition of the Fedora OS – which is the Fedora 23 has got variety of features like enhanced version and updates. The Fedora has introduced three new editions with this tool and all those are created based on the foundation of the main package. It even included the updated version of the RPM, Linux kernel, Anaconda, DNF, system, etc.

Furthermore, some of the other new aspect with regard to Fedora 23 is that it provides the hardening of the packages from the extensive use of the compiler flag and also helps in avoiding buffer, corruption, overflow of data, and other kinds of vulnerability.

The project leader of Fedora, has informed that the Fedora OS is quite flexible and more targeted. And since the Fedora has released the latest version of Fedora 23 in three edition, there is no doubt that this OS is great to use. The three editions are based for users who are present in the cloud, those in the server room and the ones who are handling the desktop platform.

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