LeechBlock- Blocking Unwanted Access and Attention


The LeechBlock is an interactive tool that helps in restricting the access to the various time wasting sites. Various websites like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, YouTube, etc are hard to avoid and they become the major source of web distraction when there are a lot of work to be done.

Basically, the LeechBlock is a free Firefox extension and this helps in blocking the unwanted access to most of the favorite time-wasting and sucking websites. Even though there are various similar kind of tools available online, still what makes the LeechBlock quite different is its flexibility. The biggest advantage is that it can be easily fine-tuned for suiting the various needs of each and every individual.

With this tool, one can easily block the various social media websites forever. Even there is an option for limiting the unwanted or normal access for a long time and even prevent the ration access to sites for a period of five to thirty minutes. Such restrictions can be put on specific and defined days present in a week.

For setting up the tool is quite easy and you can easily and globally apply such kind of setting to the ‘Block Sets’ and the various list of the website. Also, you do have the option for creating social networking block set and adding social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and all the various aspects which you like and even there is an option for restricting them for few seconds.

With this tool, one can put about six kind of block set and they do give a great amount of flexibility. Also you do have the option to provide limited and less access to social networking sites and they are quite useful for work and even block the gaming website as a whole. With the LeechBlock, you can export and import block sets and they are quite handy if you simply share them with some other people.

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