VidCoder 1.5.32 – Converting Movies to MP4 and MKV format


The VidCoder 1.5.32 is a tiny software utility that assist people in extracting contents related to video from the DVDs and BDs and even convert the given particular clips to MP4 and MKV. Basically, the VidCoder 1.5.32 is simply a portable version of the VidCoder, so it means that one can easily copy the various program files to any of the location present in the HDD and click the EXE option for running it.

Now if the aforementioned files are transferred to the USB flash drive, then it is quite possible to employ this tool on the PC to which you are connected. In addition, you can know what the Windows registry is and it cannot affect the Portable VidCoder  and once it removes, there would be no leftovers remaining.

The tool’s interface consist of a clear cut design and there are even menu bars, and various buttons. It also has a panel for displaying the queue. Also with this tool, the files can be added using the assistance of the file browser or the drop or drag function.

While the batch conversion would be incorporated you can easily append the subtitles to video format and even in the SRT format. Plus you can preview the item as well as select all the contents which lies in the built-in-presets. These presets consist of Android, Universal, Apple TV, iPHone, Windows Phone, etc.

With the VidCoder 1.5.32 tool, you can make configuration of the encoding settings like adjusting the resolution, cropping the snap, customizing and inserting video filters (such as deinterlance, detelecine, denoise, etc.), and changing the frame rate.

Download VidCoder

Download VidCoder x64

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