Rainlendar Lite 2.13.1 – Keeping Track of Your Schedules and Upcoming Events


It is important that the calendar application which you use must keep track of the upcoming tasks and events which have to be performed and this is a clear proof of how much it is useful. This tool is quite advantageous if you have got hectic schedule. Rainlendar Lite is basically Mac app which is designed for helping one stay on the timeline of the timetable, thereby placing the calendar in the best visible position.

This tool has got the best advantage of providing events, calendar and the various do list right at the user’s desktop. The basic capabilities of the Rainlendar Lite is simply concentrated on three tiny windows – Event List, Calendar, and Todo List. Through the application status bar menu one can specify see which can be enabled, especially the Options panel is where you can check and specify the location. This would remain always on the normal, top or on the Desktop.  

Furthermore, the status bar menu would allow one to navigate the given procedure to the next month or the previous week, or to the next year. Sometimes it can skip to particular month. So, by this way, one can use the Rainlendar Lite for planning the project.

Another feature is that using this tool, you can personalize the calendar for matching your own requirements. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the Rainlendar Lite won’t integrate with the given Calendar.app, so that it would not show the events which are scheduled by using the Apple vetted application. For adding the brand new entries, the Rainlendar Lite would place the tasks list and event which would get displayed on the status bar menu.

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