Calibre 2.45 – Organizing E-Books in Simple Way


The Calibre 2.45 an effective application which allows one to view, organize and convert the e-books in simpler means. Basically, the user interface of this program is quite easy and simple to use. One can easily add e-books i.e. from a single to multiple directories by using the drag or drop function and file browser function. Even one can add books by entering the ISBN code.

Furthermore, in the tag browser, one can easily sort out the e-books as per the name of the author, series, language, publisher, format, ratings, and even the tags, news, and identifies. Basically, with this tool, you can edit as well as download the metadata individually or in huge bulk, merge the e-books, get covers, and convert the e-books in bulk or individually (here the conversion can be in CSV, XML, MOBI, EPUB and various other kinds of format) and even send e-books to other devices.

Also with this tool, you can use the ‘Fetch news’ option and feature for downloading the news from the website and convert it into any of the preferred and required e-book format. Even it is quite easy to schedule the news download, add customized sources, and even download the entire scheduled news sources too.

The Calibre is often used for creating libraries, toggling among them, renaming and deleting, taking backup and restoring the libraries and connecting the iTunes, sort and search e-books and initiate the content server, etc. Basically, this tool uses a huge amount of system resources and has got various comprehensive help file. While testing the tool did not crash or freeze. This tool can be easily used by experienced people and rookies and it simply provides the best solution for organizing and viewing e-books in various formats.

Download Calibre

Download Calibre for Linux

Download Calibre for Mac OS X

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