ASoft .Net Version Detector – Finding The Correct Version of .NET Framework Installed in PC

ASoft .Net Version Detector

The ASoft .Net Version Detector allows the user for checking the system requirements related to the Windows application. Also, one can easily see that the user can check the minimum versions related to the Microsoft and its .NET Framework. Now the .NET won’t provide the best means to find out the version that is installed by the user and this is one of the major drawback. But one can try the various workaround that can be tried by users.

First, to get started, the user has to press the Win+R. Then the %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework or the user can paste the same kind of path and put it in the address bar of the Explorer window. Here the Explorer window would easily show the assorted DLLs. Even the folders of the various kind of the .NET base related version would be shown and also which has been installed.

So, the user has to keep in mind that such of the base versions can be uses. Sometimes the user might have kept the folder name as somewhat v4.0.30419. However, you need to keep in mind that this might not be the latest version. So, upgrading to the v4.5 or v4.6 version will not bring in any kind of change to the folder name.

Like other tools, if you really want to know a lot more about this tool, all you have to do is open the individual folder. Then you have to sort the various list of the files as per the date modified style and even you have the option to check the file version related to the latest DLL (i.e. right clicking, then Properties and clicking the Details option). Also the tool would show the minimum number or the major one which would tell what tool has been installed.

In addition, the left hand pane of the list keys would be corresponding to the base of the .NET version such as v3.0, v.4, v.3.5, etc. In addition, these so called keys would be applicable for the base version. And you would have to check for the various updates and look for any kind of individual folder or any of the full subkeys.

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