ImageSorter – Sorting Images By Color And As Per User Choice


The ImageSorter is one of the best photo managers offering various means to sort and organize images based on date, name, tags, size, etc. However, these depend on how your picture is set up in a consistent way. The ImagSorter which gets installed in the Mac and Windows won’t care about all these things as it uses the basic features like sorting and presenting contents, usage of image content, and showing it with layouts and colors.

Getting started with this tool is very much easy. You need to point the given program at a given folder which has images, and then it would scan them. Once the scanning is done, then thumbnails are designed and this helps in sorting them in pre-order. With the tool ImageSorter, you can get an overview of the photos. So, it means that if there are thousand images, the individual thumbnails would be very small.

However, you can have enough factors for seeing the primary colors. This can help in choosing the shots which can be either in green countryside, blue skies, faces, sunset, etc. During the time of the development and testing, it worked well and gave an impressive picture which along with the related shots were grouped together and was quite accurate.

Many shots of the same view, same kind of portrait shots of a person, and all kinds of photos which have got a distinctive palette are shown and placed right next to each other, irrespective of what kind of resolution, date, file name and various other details. Another advantage of the ImageSorter is it helps to find the photos having same kind of palette, which can easily match the design of the website.

Even you can use the ImageSorter to seek out the duplicates too. However, unlike other tools, here you won’t be getting any easy options for image processing. Being basic essentials, this can be done by double-clicking and opening the images present in the default viewer, and you can right-click to ensure that they get copied on the clipboard.  Also you can choose the various images and right click them and select the major option for moving, copying and getting them deleted.

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