OpenALPR – An Efficient And Interactive License Plate Recognition System


Have you ever thought about having your own license plate recognition system? Then you need to check out the OpenALPR which is nothing but an IP camera that can be used as security tool. Most of the IP cameras are a good security tool but most of you won’t be having the required time to see them. Also such cameras won’t provide the required information at any cost.

The OpenALPR is one of the best and common used open source software tools. This literally changes all the aspect with security as it converts a normal camera into an automated license plate recognizing tool. Once the tool is pointed to a package in terms of video stream and image, this would quickly look out fro certain frame that points out the license plate in European and US formats. So, it means it simply points out whatever it can find along with a huge amount of confidence level.

With this technology, there are various kind of possibilities. Some are good which helps in creating an automated home that can recognize as and when individual member arrives. And there are some worrying things which keeps record of the history of who is visiting the neighbor or regularly keeping a watch on the neighborhood.

This open source was created and built aiming the developers. Here it consist of core library along with some of the console tools however, it is not quite easy to test, in the same manner if you do not have any kind of IP camera. With this tool, you can display the characters present in the license plate in few seconds. So, if you are happy with this idea and preferring something that is quite easy to use, then the OpenALPR website has got a test page. In this test page, you can upload the various test images.

According to various users, the company offering OpenALPR can provide commercial products, which can automatically convert the IP camera into a security, identify for monitoring the various license plates that are stored. It also ensures the entire history of the tool is made available at all time through the web dashboard.

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