Release of MMCSnapInsView 1.0 by NirSoft


The NirSoft had recently released the latest version of the MMCSnapInsView. Basically, it is a new portable tool which can provide various details on the MMC (Microsoft Management Console) and the snap-ins that are installed on the personal computer. Like other kinds of tools, the Snap-ins is one of the best Windows components. And behind it there are many kind of administration tools such as Task Scheduler, Event Viewer, Device Manager, and much more. Even you can see various kinds of third-party applications that are quite best and easy to use.

The list of the MMCSnapInsView consists of the various span-ins which are using the standard and common NirSoft table. This consists of the various snap-in name, CLSID, description, company name, product name, file version, etc. Like other kind of tools, you can easily sort and reorder the table columns, thereby avoiding any kind of options for saving the list as it is commonly reported. Plus with this tool, you can select and choose various kind of snap-ins and be able to open them in all kinds of similar MMC console. So, in case of you using any kind of Device Manager, Performance Monitor, Services, Disk and Shared Folder, this tool can be the best one.

With regard to the management of this tool, for instance you won’t need to open them in separate windows. All you have to do is choose the multi-select option and then you have to press the F2 button, making it easy for you to get from a single console. Plus with this tool, you can do various other things besides installing the software. Various software and tools like MMC.exe can be used. But first you need to select the File option, choose Add and then click on the Save option.

Sometimes you might feel that it would be better to use the ad-hoc fields and that too when you are simply using another person’s personal computer. To cut short, the MMCSnapInsView is one of the best freeware applications which is quite suitable for the Windows XP and later version of other tools. Somewhat this feature makes it much better when compared to other tools.

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