Screen2SWF – Recording Desktop Activty Into EXEs


The Screen2SWF is one of the best tool for recording the desktop activity into small self-playing EXEs. This is one of the best windows screen recorder which was once sold at $49 as a commercial product. And now the Screen2SWF is available for free. And the interesting aspect is it will not surprise you as with the presences of freeware competition present all around you, you might be thinking what so. However, the program has got some of the best features which can easily help to stand out from the crowd.

This tool has got a robust capture engine and it enables one to record the desktop activity using the mouse click and movement and the audio. In addition, there are various few frame rate options. The good news is if you are checking to see if the file size has been finished to a minimum. That is the best part of the tool and once you are set up, the recording starts with a click. The best part is you can pause and resume the situation by clicking the F9 button or the F10 button. In addition, the tool has got integrated editor offering many methods to tweak the recording. It is easy to start and end the points, and remove the unwanted frames. Plus you can insert the delays, and zoom into particular areas, along with adding the images, text, annotation, etc.

Another important feature of the Screen2SWF is that you can add shapes, create arrows, use the highlighting pen and the things that are similar. All these are some of the features that you are easily capable of seeing. The text annotations are not simply about setting the colors and fonts. Plus you can easily add the callout box, select the period which can be displayed, set the opacity, and can easily smooth fade out and in.

Unluckily, this spoils the various interface issues and that too with regard to the player bar. The interesting aspect is you can click and drag the files for zipping any movie or the file of your interest. Sometimes you may feel it is similar to other media players.

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