ConfigFox – Easy Browsing And Access To Various Firefox Settings


The ConfigFox is a simple and tiny portable tool which can make it easy for users to browse and gain access to the various host of advanced Firefox settings. The best thing is that there is no amount of installation required for this and you can simply launch the program. Now if it detects the current and default Firefox profile, it will sort and display the current settings in the tree.

Here the options are organized into various categories like Auto Updates, Startups, Privacy, Search, Location Bar, Auto Suggestion, Cache, SSL, History, Encryption, Certs, Plugins, Fingerprinting, Security, Tweaks, JavaScript & DOM and more. In addition, you can expand any of the categories that are given to you and you can easily list the various possible options, thereby expanding them and shows the animation of the official Firefox settings.

You need to check out the each of the settings and categories of the checkbox and be able to use enable and disable them. Here most of the options are quite fair while others might not require any kind of background knowledge. So, if you are not quite unsure what something might mean, then you need to right-click the required Firefox settings and choose the Search Online aspect.

So, once you have finished, the Save option can save the new settings to the given User.js file to your user profile. Then you need to Restart Firefox and the new settings can be applied.  You might get the latest configuration and updates the program has along with the Firefox settings.

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