AdvancedRun 1.0 – Running Programs Along With Customized System Settings


The AdvancedRun is one of the portable and free tools that allows one to run the program along with customized priority, window state, start directory and the various positions. It even consists of various kind of user accounts and the preferred compatibility of the environment settings. The numbers and the available options present in this tool make up for the cluttered interface along with the checkboxes present everywhere. However, you cannot ignore all the things but there are options that one might need, which makes it quite easy for usage.

Now if the application is not able to access any given file or the Registry key, it won’t be because of the tool but due to the security privileges. For example, all you have to do is browse to the “Program to Run” option and choose the “System User” option which is present in the “Run As” box.  Here the Click Run tool which is the major app that you are using has been launched with the SYSTEM privileges. So, you would probably be able to check out what you need.

The window related options can allow the user to launch the program that is often hidden, maximize and even minimize. This is applicable to the normal windows too and even based on the preferred size of X or Y which is the starting position. It becomes easy for the program to launch along with the lower or higher priority and then even helps in improving the given performance or sometimes reducing the impact it can have on the system.

Also, there is the option for setting the process affinity. In addition, the tool helps in launching the programs with customized Windows compatibility and settings. Even it provides the basic ability for running the programs along with the customized environment variables. Here it can be shorter PATH or any kind of dropping available for other variables.

This means that whatever settings you are able to configure, it can be saved and reloaded as and when required. Even it can launch from a simple script or shortcut. Interestingly, the AdvancedRun is not actually advanced but you can easily achieve various kind of similar things either by using the start.exe or the presences of the advanced properties of the shortcut.

Of course, there are various useful and best features, particularly the ones which can help in the running the program as the SYSTEM and give it a balance which is worth a try.

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