Free File Camouflage 1.25 – software to hide files as jpeg image

Free File Camouflage

Free File Camouflage does have a different and unique way to secure files as it protects the files by keeping it as hiding in a jpeg photo image format. You will be only one who will know how to extract the information from the image. This program does use AES to get encryption of data into image format.

Currently, many email providers do not provide eye to be sent through mail. Recently even Gmail has disabled for attaching the zip file. The features include new registration method of sending SMS. The version also does have error reporting system engine, various codes to be fixed, internal libraries code to be updated.

This tool is quite portable. Now this means that the installation is not so prerequisite. Besides that, it is easy for you to copy the program files to the USB flash drive, and make it easy for any person to use it on the PC so that you can gain access and that too by simply clicking the executables. Another major aspect is that the Windows registry cannot get affected by the Free File.

Download Free File Camouflage

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