OfficeIns 2.0 – a portable tool to display Microsoft Office


OfficeIns is one of the feature-light and the portable tool which can help one to use, view, and manage the installed Microsoft Office plugins. Basically, this allows you to change the startup mode and simply visit the registry entries.  Once you launch OfficeIns 2.0, it does display various information on add-ins which include name, developer, description, Office App, registry key, file name and much more.

Basically, the portable utility is a simple and easy to use simple UI. On clicking on any of the headers of the columns and being able to do so, can be very useful. On clicking Software group add-ins in the application, you could get a glance on what is installed whether anything else is required or you do not understand or no longer required.

If you do not find any third party tool which you would like to remove, then the best option is to use the original installer or uninstaller which would clean the system properly. Even if that is not possible, then on right clicking OfficeIns, you could change the add-ins Start Mode to Disable or Load at First Time or Load at Start or Loan on Demand.

Experts who require greater control will find the use of right click to open add-in and CLSID key in Regedit. Since there are no amount of setup pack present in this, you can easily save the given program files into the HDD or any of the USB flash drive for launching the OfficeIns on the PC effortlessly. The tool is simply wrapped into a simple interface that is made from the standard window. This is done in a neatly structured and organized manner, where one can put in the Office add-ins which are easily and immediately loaded.

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