GWX Stopper – Removing pop-ups like ‘Get Windows 10’

GWX Stopper

Sometimes you get irritated with the alerts that keep popping up in Windows 7 or 8, and with this tool, you can easily get rid of such alerts. It is great to know that Microsoft is providing free upgrades with regard to Windows 10, but sometimes it can be quite less impressive. And this is often involves the regular pop-up ads which often we know. And this over and over again.

So, if you are happy with the Windows 7 or 8, there are many ways of getting rid of such alerts. However, the GWX is the best and simplest means to stop this. The tool GWX Stopper is a simple tool and one requires installation which can be annoying for some people and basic.

However, there are no marketing or adware beyond the few buttons and links. Using this one can open the developer’s site, making it entirely safe for using. Interestingly, the operation cannot be such easy. All you have to do is run the program as an administrator and you need to click on the huge red ‘Stop GWX’ button and you have to wait and within few seconds, you will get it disabled.

Basically, this is not easy, really. You won’t be having a ‘Start GWX’ button for undoing the changes and if you really want to do it, then there is only a single way. Now what makes this GWX Stopper unusual is that developers won’t simply hide the simplicity and you know what the Readme.txt is all about. So, the command will easily disable the GWX scheduling tasks and even the given folder would get renamed.

Even though it might seem okay and extremely basic, this can make a great amount of refreshing change to view the details of what exactly one is doing. So, unlike other major tools that you can see, this can disable and upgrade the Windows 10, however, you might need to hide the underlying mechanics involved in it. So, this can be quite dangerous for some and you do need to disable the Windows Update service.

Sometimes you might be an experienced Windows users, in that case, you can use this kind of information for disabling the GWX by yourself. And this can be quite quick  rather than installing, downloading, and uninstalling any kind of program.

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