WifiHistoryView – Getting Laptop’s Network History


Recently, NirSoft had published a WifiHistoryView tool. This tool is for Windows Vista and it displays the history of the wireless network connection of the system. For each time you get disconnected or connected from the network, the WifiHistoryView can show the time and date as and when it occurs. The tool helps in displaying the data and the time whenever the network is connected or disconnected.

Along with the time and date, it can show the network name (SSID), network adapter name, profile name, MAC address, Access Point, BSSID of the router, and more. Basically, this information can be shown in the usual NirSoft table, and it can be saved or sorted simply as HTML or text report in a single or two click.

Sometimes you might feel that you need this program. Of course, it might not be but it can get some sneaky applications, just like running on any person’s laptop for seeing where they are present in certain times and dates. Here you won’t need any kind of physical access to the given target system but WifiHistoryView can easily help in extracting the data through the network.

So, if you are simply wondering from where this information will come, it can be surprising to know that it is hidden in event log’s of the Windows. Basically, this log can be quite suitable in any situations, like giving examples of various clues about what can be made of the particular wireless connections.

Download WifiHistoryView

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