Integration Of Skype With Slack For Simplifying Video Calls By Microsoft


Even though Slack is considered to be the favorite for group communication, but it does lack on voice and video calling. Microsoft is looking to make patch between Skype and a messaging service that is popular. The newly imaginative Skype integration for Slack does create a command that allows people to skype into a private channel and Microsoft does create a link that creates people to participate in the conversation. Once done, a notification is sent to all in the channel informing there is a call happening.

The links that are created because of the integration can be launched using Skype or any other application  or can be  opened  on a desktop having with or without Skype. You can find it in beta format or for any team that requires an open slot for integration in their Slack. The most interesting part is that Microsoft has created a workplace for communication to get teams to start working together that is known as Skype for business. But it is seen that Slack is becoming an upcoming star to work in a collaborative market and this makes sense for Microsoft to link their products so that they could maintain their relevance.

It will be interesting to know in future how integration will be. Slack had acquired Screenhero to help the company to build video and voice chat features for the products last year, even though it is not yet materialized. The launch has been a big boost for Skype during this week. Last Monday, Microsoft did announce for free video conferencing for mobile users on apps which could go well with the desktop. On Wednesday, another update allowed users on Outlook to create links on videos inside calendar events on tapping and this has people to easily use Skype.

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