Recording Screen Activities Of Your PC


Right from tutorials to troubleshooting, presentations, game walkthrough and sharing of various desktop activities, each person can simply use the screen recorder often. So, this means one can track as well as install some of the low-level native applications. But currently, there are some interesting and capable Chrome extensions which are all you need to have. Of course, Screencastify is one of the most popular options that you have and thanks to the presences of strong features along with many functionalities, it will be difficult for you to find any tool with such feature. Using this tool, you can simply record the webcam videos, specific or desktop chrome tabs. Also, the presences of best audio support mean you can take full advantage of a tab, microphone, and system audio.

Each of the recordings is saved locally in the Google Drive or you can share it on YouTube. Another advantage is reconfigurability. This involves the presences of customized keyboard shortcuts related to start, stop, pause and resume of recording. Now there are two huge catches with regard to free and lite version. This consists of the chunky watermark and the maximum ten minute recording time. However, if you upgrade to the 20 Euros commercial product, it would remove them and can add certain extras which consist of cropping, trimming and the presences of other video editing tools.

Basically, the Screencastify is a free recorder without any watermarks and no amount of irritating and maximum recording time and restrictions. You can simply capture the application windows and the browser tabs, the webcam and desktop too. Here, the simple manager would show out the recording, do the rename and delete operations and even download the various files either locally or in terms of demand.

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