Solving the Major Security Flaw in Intel Driver Tool

Intel Driver Update Utility

As per the recent release from Intel, it has stated that it has fixed one of the major security vulnerability in terms of the driver utility tool. This would allow the attacker to easily remove the installed malware. The form has advised and stated that those users who are currently using the Intel Driver Update Utility can easily download the updated version of the tool, thereby helping in mitigating the vulnerability and how the tool can request new drivers especially from the server of the Intel.

Here the security advisor, which is the chipmaker can confirm that the version of 2.0 to 2.3 and easily place in the PCs at any amount of risk. Plus one can check the servers related to Intel especially on unencrypted connections. Plus, the attacker can easily conduct a man-in-the-middle kind of service of the affected tool. This can easily trick the tool into downloading the malware or any other kind of virus file.

Here the updated tool which is the version of 2.4 can make the user talk to the server of the Intel over a secured SSL connection. The core security which is another major feature that can easily notify the Intel and its flaw has got its own level of advisory which can easily help in exploiting the flaw and become one of the trivial for the verification of the tool.

The security firm can easily help in posting details of the flaw which is on the Full Disclosure mailing list. Now this is not clear on how most of the users are not affected by each of the flaws.

Download Intel Driver Update Utility

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