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If you are looking for a replacement for Notepad, then an online search will simply give you weird results. You  get is overcomplicated programs created for editors and this is aimed at individuals who are thinking in normal expressions and are really in need to use the line number. But with CudaText, it gives a different way.

This is a simple and easy to use cross-platform and coding editor. Unlike other ones available in the market, this is a good one. It is not only used by developers but even by people who can easily utilize the advantage of it. Here it begins with the program portability, and then brings the feature of convenient usage and then goes with a tabbed interface.

First, you need to click the File option and then click the Open option and select the various documents and they would open in each of the tab. By right-clicking a handy option appears which help to put a tab color. Even you have the option to organize the various available tabs into groups, thereby allowing you to view the various files (i.e. side by side) an d even be able to split the table where one gets to see two independently scrolling windows present in the same file.

Do you feel that it is too complicated? So, you won’t need to get into detail of it if you are not interested to and you can come across various features which you are bound to discover as you use it without making any effort. Just like when you first closed and reopened the program and see that the last set of the tabs are simply reloaded.

Unlike other code editing program, here you get a solid and robust RegEx support and it is something that you don’t need to know about.

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