Opera browser gets double speed with built in ad-blocker

The leading browsing solution provider from Norway, the Opera Software, this week has announced that it is going to double the browser speed for all the users. Opera browser, which as old as the Internet Explorer, is now retaining a significant portion of global user base, including the desktop and mobile platforms, will now onwards have built in ad blocker. As a result of the ad blocker integration, the browser will save atleast 90% of pages from different websites. Certainly, this is a great move from the developer since it will greatly enhance user experience and contribute to user productivity.

The ad blocker integration into the browser will effectively save about 40% of loading time for every single page. However, the announcement accounted the modern internet marketing and its implications for online businesses. The publisher said, many of the ads offer free services and unique offers, which are often prove to be uniquely helpful for the users. So, permanently blocks the ad units from the page display might affect few users. Therefore, the publisher will have the feature as built-in allowing users to determine whether they want to view the ad units on pages they browse. What is important to understand here, is that, the new integration will eliminate the need for users to look for independent ad blockers or some kind of plug ins. It will come as integrated, having the option for enabling and disabling the service.

adblock-infographicCertainly web developers and publishers have the need to sustain their business and there is no better model yet that eliminate the paid advertisement. But when Opera and alike will start implementing built-in ad blocker integration, it will put those publishers at stake. The rise of ad blocker users clearly reflect the notion that webpage ads are becoming increasingly annoying to many.

The publisher compared the performance of ad blocker integrated Opera browser with ad-blocker plug-in installed on Edge, Chrome and Firefox. The test showed that Opera remained faster in loading pages and report generation. It will show how many ads it has blocked over a specified time period. Opera Software repeated the test fifteen times, and the results are very much in favor of Opera browser. If you have long left using Opera, certainly, this big announcement have something that can make you restart using the once popular browser, Opera.

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