Desperate nagging from Microsoft for Windows 10 upgrade

For quite some time, Microsoft has been aggressively pushing the upgrade of the old version of Windows to the Windows 10. This is not new to the home users who have been accustomed to such tactics when new Windows OS are launched. Even though users might bemoan the constant advertising Microsoft is doing for the Windows 10, but still it is appreciable as it makes some kind of sense for the firm. It is pushing all the buttons to install the latest version of the Windows.

Now this kind of nagging is not something new and most people know that few of the marketing efforts taken by Microsoft is wildly wide and off the mark, especially when it is related to the enterprise users. Most people are already upset with the appearance of the Windows 10 advertisement in the Internet Explorer patch but there is another level to this bland pestering.

Termed as malware by some of the individuals, the update of Internet Explorer (IE) tries to impose the Windows 10 on the enterprise users, and this would in turn lead to nagging the system administrators to upgrade to the latest version of the Windows 10.

Many of the sensible and clever system administrators have blocked the message of the new software to be installed. But as enterprise users are quite slow in upgrading to Windows 10, Microsoft has increased its constant pester in the form of messages which pops for the upgrade. Through its Internet Explorer, Microsoft has activated the reminder for the upgrade to Windows 10 and unluckily in corporate and enterprises, as users are not granted permission, they end up getting constant messages.

This message states that the system administrator has blocked the upgrades on the given PC and the user must check with the system administrator with regard about the upgradation of the PC to Windows 10.

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