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Being a freeware developer, The SZ had recently shipped and started the brand new version of the PortScan. This is nothing but a one-stop network toolkit suitable for Windows XP and later. The last time this program was checked was somewhere in 2012, and the best part was that the new release looks like a best time to check out again.

Here the download of this tool is very much compact and is about 387KB of space. The best part is that there is no amount of installation required. All you have to do is unzip the single and available program executable. There are various functions of PortScan which is quite organized through the eight tabs such as Search Devices, Scan Ports, Traceroute, Ping Devices, Whois, Speed Test, DNS, and About.

Here the last tab – About is something which can be a good place to begin. Here the latest release won’t simply provide you the program versions. Also, there are various pile of information present in the network setup. This includes host name, IP address, workgroup, network adapters and the presences of the individual details.

No doubt, the PortScan is quite smarter than you can think. It has got multi-threading and even the presences of the option to scan which means that this is the common port. So, it would mean that this runs quickly and you are bound to get a huge amount of information in terms of certain targets like MAC address, open ports, host name, network shares, server details and more.

Basically, the ‘Search Devices’ might provide you a more and great information related to the connected network hardware and the best part is that there is no amount of setup present. Even there is no address range for entering. All you have to is simply click the ‘Start’ option and then report any kind of results that can occur in few seconds.

Download PortScan

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