Availability of Windows 10 Support And New Optimization Engine For Game Fire 5

Game Fire 5

Recently, Smart PC Utilities had shipped the Game Fire 5. This is the latest and advanced edition of the PC game which simply boosts the performance of the game. In this release, Microsoft announces the official support for the Windows 10- both in 64 and 32- bit editions. However, the Windows XP support has been dropped.

Now the new optimization engine has got the extensive feature of examining and tweaking more components like scheduled tasks, services, registry settings (here only some are available in the free build) and processes. Furthermore, the applications section has got various capable and best kind of process management tools like maximize or minimize, end process or end process trees, set affinity, set priority, open location, optimize memory, and more.

Also the My Game feature simply imports the default Windows games. This allows the user to just customize the thumbnails and the information of the game. Basically, the My Game desktop widget is easily launched using the customizable hotkey. Plus it can be optimized to become faster and more reliable.

You can get this game for $24.95 and this PRO edition, the Live Gaming Mode is just replaced with the Live Optimization one. So, this means that this tool monitors the running processes and even helps in allocating system resources which is quite necessary and needed the most.  Also, the predefined gaming profiles make it quite easier to set up the system. One more thing to note down is that if you prefer to use the manual tweakery, the Game “Adviser” has got more options which can be explored.

Also if you are simply worried about the effects of the extra load that can be put on your system, then you need not worry. The Game Fire PRO not only checks the system temperatures, it raises the alarm if it gets too high. Currently, you can get the Game Fire 5 in Windows Vista-10 version.

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