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The WordDoctor Editor is a free application for windows 7 and later. It has many features that ease editing and analysing of written content. One of its features is that the definition of the word you type or click appears in the status bar. (“Word-noun-a unit of language”) By right clicking a word, the editor will provide you with information of a synonym finder, a more detailed definition of the word and even an audio pronunciation guide.

The find and replace dialog meets many unexpected expectations such as it can search specific verbs, nouns or adjectives. You can run operations across multiple files and folders at the same time and there is a regular expression support from this feature.

Another feature of the WordDoctor is the document related tools. A ‘document analysis tool’ scans words and gives you a breakdown, a writing style verdict. The verdict can either be expository, descriptive, narrative or persuasive. The tool also highlights key phrases and more. The ‘document statistics tool’ provides more straightforward figures of the written document. It provides line, character, syllable, sentence and word counts as well as the quality of the written language on how it is easy to read and understand and its grade level scores. Problems with phrases and sentences across the whole document are highlighted by an ‘evaluate writing function tool’.

Other features in the word document editor include speech to text, text to speech and several useful features in settings. That is an auto save frequency found in settings of the editor. Nevertheless, the Word Doctor Editor, is still a weak editor. It lacks some basic features such as the “Open recent” setting and does not remember the last file that one typed or opened. You cannot also open multiple documents at the same time and many other defects. However, the document and writing analysis tool are interesting and more enough to convince one to down load the application and give it a try.

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