Capture, upload and share screenshots and texts with ImageDeCap

Windows has many screen capturing tools for covering just about every possible need and situation. However, ImageDecap application is designed for Windows 7 and makes captures to be quick and easy. There are two processes of capturing a screenshot. The first one is by pressing a customizable key, clicking Enter button and you can save the current screen shot or window locally, copy it to a clipboard, upload it to Imgur or your FTP site. The other capture type is by using a freehand rectangular regition. The freehand rectangular regition comes with a screen magnifier to help one draw with pixel level precision.

The application has an editor. The editor has the bare essentials only. That is a free hand pen and the option to add text captions. You have the option to disable the editor in the settings if you don’t want to use it and you are able to upload images with the hot key alone. While using a hot key, you don’t have to click Enter as well.

ImageDecap is not only just about images. A separate hot key can also upload clipboard text to pastebin and optionally to your own FTP site. The Imgur and pastebin links of whatever you are uploading are copied to the clipboard ready for sharing with others. The Imgur and pastebin links are also added to a “history” list on the program interface. By double clicking one of these links in the list opens the link in your default browser.

Though the ImageDecap is not the most powerful screenshot tool around, it is a quick and easy way to capture, upload and share screenshots and texts with others. The pastebin support is a new welcome feature in sharing of captures. The developer of the pastebin has some interesting ideas on how to improve the imagedecap functions. That is, the command line interface is designed to have full portability.

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