Duo Security – Newly launched phishing tool to check on risks on attack

duo security

It is always better to deal with the breaches rather than dealing with the aftermath. Phishing is considered to be one of the most popular methods that attack business and employees need to be careful and alerted to the risk available.

Duo Security, an authentication specialist is introducing a new tool that let IT teams to run on simulations on phishing that are internal and then check on their attacks on the vulnerability.

By using Duo Security, identification is done by administrators on the weaknesses of the security and understand the case for getting stronger investment on security solutions. Easy to read reports  are made and available as straight forward for administrators and teams at the security to get the important findings  to be given to the management.

Many organizations do lack the resources to measure the risk that is phished as informed by the Vice President of Duo, Ash Devata. As informed by him, the tool does help security professionals to know the users and devices that are susceptible to attack by phishing.

Credentials are ranked as number one breaches of source and in preventing them from falling in wrong hands need to be top priority. As per the phishing simulations that are run using Duo Insight, around 27 percent of users are prone to phishing and 17 users do login using username and password. This could be alarming and a disturbance as it does depict that a phishing campaign which is simple could have higher possibility of succeeding.

Duo Insight is a phishing tool that is used to assess vulnerable users and devices within couple of minutes and then protect them as quick as possible. The Duo site does give a complete customized report that could take care of the business for security investment purpose and keep the users safe.

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