How To Keep Your Computer Malware-Free

There is partial truth in the statement given by conspiracy theorists – You are being watched by someone. Software that gathers your personal information without you being aware, brings undesired change in the configuration of your computer or takes the control of your computer is called malware or spyware. The first step in protecting your computer system is detection of malware in order to remove it and save the system from damage. The second step is to keep malware away from your computer.

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LAVASOFT AD-AWARE Pro 8.0.3 Anniversary Edition

AD-AWARE Pro has some extra protection but lacks in the very basic protection that even a typical antivirus program could offer

Lavasoft’s antispyware application, Ad-Aware Pro has nothing special that goes with its release as an anniversary edition, which costs $40 to buy. The test conducted on Ad-Aware Pro resulted in nothing that could be looked forward to. It failed miserably in detecting several adware, spyware and other malicious files. As, this was not enough Ad-Aware Pro also has an interface that is very complex to be operated by an average user.

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